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  • Kenajawa Lashawn

Better Dads Society

“If we had better Dads, we would have a better society," says the Better Dads Society CEO. This is the statement that formed the mission and vision of the Better Dads Society.

Today, we shine a spotlight on The Better Dads Society for being a valuable resource our community; and for teaching men how to be the best fathers they can be by, equipping them with the tools needed to properly lead their families.

Byron Robinson, the President of the Better Dads Society, is a Jacksonville native and a graduate of Andrew Jackson High School. Byron says his sole purpose is to do it for the “Have nots,” those that are underserved and overlooked in our community, especially on the Eastside. A lot of fathers want to be great fathers but may lack the help and resources to do so, and that is where Better Dads Society steps in.

Over the years, The Better Dads Society has contributed to the development and well-being of hundreds of young men in Jacksonville. For them, it is not about the popularity instead the focus is on the assistance they can provide as a grassroots organization. Recently, they hosted a Father and Son Basketball Tournament where over 100 fathers and sons showed up. The tournament aided in strengthening father and son relationships as the bonding experience involved competing together on teams and communicating with each other while playing.

In addition, the Better Dads Society also hosts team-building workshops, skills training, and literacy events that support their mission of building better men. Soon, they will host a tie tying workshop for fathers and sons, along with building a career development course for fathers guided toward helping them obtain better jobs.

What sets the Better Dad Society apart from other organizations is its consistency. At the moment, they host about 5 events a year, in addition to mentoring efforts, check-in lunches, and a private Facebook Group for fathers to fellowship and learn from each other. Most recently, the organization provided over 120 families with turkeys for Thanksgiving. We wanted to know how they get it all done, and they stated that it is the amazing support they have behind their organization.

Next year, their goal is to expand to at least 7 events a year, but the organization needs help from you. Here is how you can help; the organization would like assistance finding grants that can forward the mission of their organization. Also, support by purchasing a Better Dads Society Shirt where all the proceeds go back to providing the programs that the organization produces! Lastly, of course, are donations. As Byron says, “By helping fathers, we, in turn, help their children and their children's children by breaking cycles of poverty, neglect, and suffering in silence.

Written by: Kenajawa Lashawn

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Rick Davis
Rick Davis
05 de dez. de 2023

I was watching MNF, and was introduced to your program for helping fathers and sons connect with each others. I was thinking about starting a program in the city of Vallejo CA. Hopefully we can speak for additional information. Rickey Davis

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