• Kenajawa Lashawn

Project Fed Up

The power behind every great organization is the drive inside of someone who recognized that our community deserves more!

Shiya Scott is a native to the Northside of Jacksonville, Florida. If you are familiar with the Northside of Jacksonville, there are more negative connotations tied to it than positive ones, but those who are from the Northside know that the area is rich with culture and talent.

Ms. Scott became fed up with the outside world looking down on her community. From there was birthed Project Fed Up! The name of the organization has dual meanings, being fed up with the negative outlook related to the surrounding neighborhoods while also aiming to feed positivity and beams of hope back into those in need.

Project Fed Up works toward connecting resources to the underserved. We know that the resources are out there, it is now time to bring them all together, and Project Fed Up strives to do just that!

Project Fed Up focuses on creating unique and creative ways to deliver resources to those in need as it is sometimes hard for those in our community to accept the help for fear of being labeled a charity case.

At the moment, Project Fed Up has a growing community closet that provides clothing for all people and all occasions! You can support Project Fed Up by signing-up to be a volunteer to help with the community closet. You can also support the organization by donating via PayPal or CashApp $ProjectFedUP.

Written by: Kenajawa Lashawn

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